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Cooling Tower Replacement Cost

If you’re searching for “cooling tower replacement cost” you’re facing a costly proposition.  The majority of cooling tower manufacturers say the average life span of a commercial cooling tower is about 15 to 20 years.

After 20 years the cooling towers need to be replaced or rebuilt.  That means commercial spaces built before the year 2000 have cooling towers that need to be replaced or rebuilt.  Commercial property owners can save thousands of dollars having cooling tower refurbishment instead of breaking the bank replacing them.  Read more about the cost of replacing cooling towers below.

Cooling Tower Replacement Cost

The cost of cooling tower replacement is about $50,000 per 200-ton cooling tower.  Large commercial spaces will use more than one of these 200-ton cooling towers so the cost of replacing the cooling tower system can easily reach $200,000 for the units, labor, and crane to lift them into place.

Replacement Cost Per Ton

Cooling towers are rated on how much air they can process in tons.  The replacement cost per ton depends on the brand of cooling tower, size, and any options for water treatment and epoxy coatings.  The larger the cooling tower the more they cost to buy, transport, and have craned onto a roof.  Property owners who already own cooling tower equipment can save an incredible amount of money by refurbishing cooling towers instead of replacing.

Cooling Tower Refurbishment Cost

All Kote Lining Inc. can restore your aging cooling towers and make them like new for a faction of the cost!  Depending on the size of the cooling tower system we can save commercial property owners literally tens of thousands of dollars over cooling tower replacement costs.

For the same type of 4-unit 200-ton cooling tower system refurbishment will cost around $80,000.  That is a $120,000-dollar saving!  And many times, the cost of cooling tower refurbishment isn’t classified as repairs instead of capital equipment.  This can mean some property owners will be able to get funding for the refurbishment.

Phoenix Valley Cooling Tower Refurbishment

If you own a commercial property and your cooling towers have reached the end of their lifespan All Kote Lining Inc. can save you thousands of dollars.  Our team offers complete cooling tower refurbishment that will save your company tens of thousands of dollars over buying and installing new cooling towers.  Cooling tower refurbishment adds about another 15 years of life to your equipment and helps you get your money’s worth out of your original investment in your cooling tower or property.