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Cooling Tower Maintenance, Coatings, Repairs, Inspections, Rebuild, & Cleaning

When you are searching for cooling tower maintenance in the Phoenix Valley; All Kote Lining is your source for the highest quality maintenance, repair, and refurbishment.  We help cooling towers and chillers last longer with quality coatings and linings.  In addition, we offer coatings and fiberglass repairs for all types of storage tanks.  Arizona has incredibly hot conditions during the summer and properties with cooling towers in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Glendale, Gilbert, Tempe, or any other city in the valley can keep their cooling towers, chillers, and storage tanks in great condition for longer with our services.  We can replace the cooling tower fans, spray nozzles, drift eliminators, fan motors, or any other part you need to keep your location comfortable or industrial process working!

Since 1983, All-Kote Lining Inc. has offered premier cooling tower coatings, repair, and refurbishment. We service commercial and industrial cooling towers and chillers to keep them lasting longer and running with minimal downtime.  Our cooling tower refurbishment service saves companies thousands by restoring cooling towers and chillers instead of wasting money replacing them.

Cooling tower manufacturers state that cooling towers are designed to last about 15 to 20 years.  That means just about any building made around the turn of the century is about ready to be refurbished or replaced.  For larger commercial properties the savings can add up very fast when comparing replacing or refurbishing your cooling tower equipment.  We invite you to help your business maintain it’s bottomline by allowing us to refurbish your system instead of spending tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars more buying new equipment and having it installed.

Cooling Tower Services We Offer:

At All Kote Lining we offer a full range of cooling tower services.   From regular maintenance and cleaning to cooling tower repairs and restoration we handle all facets of keeping a critical part of your commercial or industrial property running.  Our protective cooling tower coatings offer corrosion protection which extends the life of your cooling tower.   By extending the life of your towers we can save you many thousands by keeping your equipment running instead of replacing your system.  In addition to cooling towers we offer chiller coatings for tube sheets and end bells.

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Cooling Tower Repairs

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When the commercial property you own or manage is in need of chiller or cooling tower maintenance or repair our team has your best interests and most cost effective services available.   We specialize in maintaining and refurbishing cooling towers, chillers, and storage tanks in the Phoenix Valley and proudly serve every city in the area.  From Phoenix to Mesa and Glendale To Chandler we have all of your cooling tower maintenance needs covered!  Fill out our contact form or give us a call today to get your service scheduled.