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What Is The Best Concrete Sealer?

Both homeowners and industrial facilities have concrete floors, walls, and sometimes ceilings.  Protecting the condition of these structural elements is a priority of any property owner.  This leaves people asking, “What is the best concrete sealer?”.  The purpose of this post is to help you understand what options are out there, who installs concrete sealers, and how to choose the best one.

Types of Concrete Sealers

There are various types of concrete sealers made from different chemicals. But which is the most durable and longest lasting?  Whether its just a driveway or if you have a commercial property that’s used for industrial processes the floors need to last and be protected.  See below for the details on all of the concrete sealer options.

Acrylic Concrete Sealers

Acrylics are applied to create a thin protective film on the surface of the concrete.  They are available in water based and solvent based formulations.  Acrylics are widely used on the interior and exterior of concrete when ease of application and budget are the primary concerns.   Dry time is about an hour so it is a favorite of some industries.  While acrylic is a great budget option it does not last as long as epoxy or polyurethanes.  This leads to more regular maintenance and needing several coats of was or floor finisher.

Epoxy Concrete Sealers

Epoxy concrete sealers create a high build protective film on the surface of the concrete.  Usually comprised of two chemicals mixed just prior to application they are excellent for high-traffic floors.  Epoxy coatings can have pigment added if desired by the property owner and typically epoxy has a glossy finish.  Epoxy sealers offer a long-wearing, hard, abrasion-resistant coating.  It is excellent at repelling water and being a durable solution.

Penetrating Concrete Sealers

Penetrating concrete sealers include siliconates, silanes, silicates, and silxanes.  These options penetrate the surface of the concrete and shield against moisture by reacting and bonding with chemicals inside the concrete.  These are incredibly popular for colder weather areas where concrete is outdoors and exposed to damage from freezing and thawing.  These coatings provide an invisible layer of protection that does not change the surface of the concrete.  Excellent for outdoor concrete applications and delivers a degree of breathability which allows moisture to evaporate.

Polyurethane Concrete Sealers

Much like epoxy coatings polyurethane sealers create a high build protective film on the surface of the concrete.  Commonly used in high traffic areas and even used on concrete countertops these sealants are available in a wide range of colors and sheen levels.  Polyurethane offers a sealant layer which is twice as thick as acrylic sealers.  These coatings are abrasion resistant, repel moisture, and chemical resistant.

The Best Concrete Sealer

Clearly there are some great concrete sealant options in the market for industrial facilities.  Which is best will depend on the traffic of the facility, but most need to minimize maintenance and downtime.  This means that popular concrete sealer options are those that last longer and provide a more abrasion resistant surface.  This protects the concrete as its driven over by vehicles, forklifts, and other industrial equipment.  For the best choice for your industrial concrete structure please contact All Kote Lining, Inc.  We are the Phoenix Valley’s source for concrete sealing, cooling tower maintenance, and chiller maintenance.