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What Is A Secondary Containment System?

What is secondary containment? Why do companies install them?  The EPA states that in industries where chemicals, oils, and other hazardous materials exist, that there must be a secondary containment system in case of a leak or spill.

Types Of Secondary Containment

Secondary containment is a critical part of business and meeting state and federal requirements for environmental protection.  This is especially true in industries that handle oil, chemicals, or other hazardous materials. The following are 3 types of secondary containment systems.

Concrete Storage Containment

The addition of standalone concrete secondary containment systems is an excellent option for spill mitigation, if facilities are large enough to accommodate them. These concrete secondary containment systems must also be coated to contain without leaks or spilling along with enough readily available spill kits on hand for hazardous materials. Ensure that the concrete coatings you have installed in on your concrete secondary containment system are rated for the oils, chemicals, or other hazardous materials your company uses.

Wall & Floor Containment

The walls and floor can also be sealed with coatings that will prevent cross contamination or seepage with the other chemicals or substances in the industrial facility.  In this method a system of berms must also be installed to help effectively contain any potential spill.

Storage Container Containment

Secondary containment must be able to accommodate systems must be designed and maintained such that they would be able to hold the entire contents in the event of a spill.  Secondary storage systems are allowed in some industries as storage containers that are held off the floor on top of pallets.

Secondary Containment Epoxy Coatings

The primary function of a secondary containment system is to prevent the oil, chemicals or hazardous materials used in industrial locations from harming the environment.  This also helps companies avoid severe fines from the EPA from not maintaining containment standards.  Read more about how epoxy coatings are inspected, replaced, and help your secondary containment structures be ready in the event of a leak or spill.

Preparation & Inspection

In preparation for your secondary containment system to be coated your coating specialist will assess the flooring and walls condition.  It is important to catch any fissures, cracks, or seams where the hazardous contents could spill and them seep into the substrate.

Pre-existing Coatings

In the case that the facility already has previous coatings they will be checked and tested to ensure they are sill impermeable and will be able to withstand a chemical or oil leak. Existing coatings or sealants may need to be removed and replaced to ensure proper secondary containment standards.

Coating Replacement

Grinding or shot blasting may be recommended by your flooring and sealant specialist to remove ineffective coatings.  Your secondary containment system is expected to be able to handle the type of chemicals your location handles and do so for at least 72 hours.

Spill Containment & Remediation

In the event that you do have a spill remediation work will be carried out and after a system of berms will help contain and separate the spill or leaks.  This helps you manage your situation better and avoid harm or contamination in the rest of the facility.

Phoenix Valley Secondary Containment System Coatings

If you are looking for a company to help you inspect, repair, or replace your secondary containment system epoxy coatings, All Kote Lining, Inc. is your Phoenix Valley solution. Our team understands the needs of companies that have storage tanks used for industrial production and cooling towers.  No matter what the need our high quality, chemical resistant, and durable epoxy coatings will extend the life of your industrial facilities and help ensure that your secondary containment systems are up to par and will be ready in case you have a chemical leak or spill. For more information about how we can help you please call 480-966-4446.

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Concrete Floor Resurfacing Benefits

There are 4 benefits of concrete floor restoration and water fountain resurfacing that offer environmental impacts and cost savings that we will outline in this article.

Benefits Of Concrete Floor Resurfacing

The benefits of concrete floor resurfacing include: low cost/easy maintenance, strong/durable, will last for years and color options.

1. Low Cost Easy Maintenance

Concrete floor polishing actually costs 6 times less than traditional flooring restoration and it’s a little easier to apply to. With only water, this flooring system has simple maintenance and will stay looking nice for many years to come. Mopping and cleaning is easy do to the smooth surface.

2. Strong & Durable

Concrete alone is very durable but very dusty. When a concrete floor is coated, it is treated with special chemicals to harden it and make it dustproof. Furthermore, the concrete floor polishing process is finished with diamond grits. The fines the concrete surface and makes it very dense and tight. Concrete floor resurfacing is used in distribution centers, warehouses and heavy manufacturing plants. Hence the need for extreme durability.

3. Will Last For Years

If you maintain your concrete flooring system properly, this type of flooring will last longer than any other type of flooring available today. Although, there are limitations to how long the shine will last on your concrete. Overtime the shine will wear off due to the bottom of your shoes or lyft jacks rolling over them. Although, this can be fixed with a new concrete coating and will restore the original shine. Also, walk off mats can lessen the need for re-polishing when used in high traffic areas. Concrete dust proof qualities will last forever.

4. Color & Style Options

Concrete coatings create nice looking floors without any harsh treatments. Whether you like polished or the ground to expose aggregate, polished floors can be made to look like terrazzo, granite or marble, and can also be stained to make you floor reflect a particular look you have in mind.

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