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Cooling Tower Problems Solved

If you’re having cooling tower problems, we have the solutions. This guide lists common problems and solutions for things that cause cooling towers to use more electricity and eventually need repair.

If your cooling tower is giving you trouble and you’re not quite sure what is causing the issue or how to resolve it, you’ve come across the right article. In this article, we aim to help you understand what’s going on, and outline how companies specializing in cooling tower maintenance can resolve the issues and get you going.The quality of your cooling system will depend greatly on the kind of water treatment program you have set up, the better the water treatment program, the more effectively the cooling system will perform. The water treatment program and the quality of water will directly impact the operating costs, reliability, and efficiency of any institutional or industrial cooling system.

Cooling Tower Problems Solved

Four major issues, namely microbiological and bacterial contamination, corrosion, scaling and fouling, plague any cooling system, and these must be monitored and controlled by the facility to ensure the system keeps operating efficiently and reliably. Proper management of these issues will limit the cooling system equipment and operating costs and also ensure that the system does not face downtime due to water related troubles.

Cooling Tower Problems

The treatment for maintaining a reliable cooling system may vary from case to case, but the path remains the same: ensuring that treatment is effective in managing the water related issues. Ensuring that the treatment program chosen is effective enables facilities avoid high operating costs and unexpected repair expenses.


A closed loop system constantly exposed to water is under constant danger of being corroded, and this issue could become unmanageable if it is often ignored during the maintenance process. Neglecting it proper maintenance will lead to leaks that can be costly to repair and the damage can also spread to other systems. Corrosion protective cooling tower contractors can help you get the services you need.


The heat exchange surface enables the cooling system to effectively perform its primary function but can also encourage scale production. The high temperature involved in the process reduces solubility of several elements, like calcium, in the water that can deposit on the heat exchange surface and cause scaling. This layer of scale has insulating tendencies and will hinder effective heat dispersal consequently leading to reduced tower efficiency and inflated costs.


Debris, dirt and dust are the primary agents causing this issue, although exposure to other contaminants like bacterial growth and corrosion can also cause the issue.Like other issues, fouling will reduce efficiency of the system, increase energy usage and hence operational expenses.

Microbiological Contamination

The warm and nutrient heavy water of the cooling system is the ideal breeding ground for bacterial and other microbiological growths. This becomes even more of an issue when the growths result in biofilm, which has the ability to negatively impact the system’s operations, being infinitely more insulating than scale deposits.The biofilm promotes corrosion and scaling, and rapidly inflates energy costs.

Cooling Tower Solutions

Maintaining an efficient cooling system requires efficient maintenance of the water treatment program and that requires selecting the right chemical treatment program.Each of the four issues that can affect the system are equally important to manage, with all having an equally big impact on the efficiency of the system. To complicate matters, water quality and chemistry varies from location to location, so there is no universally effective treatment that would work will all the issues in every situation. To set up an efficient cooling system, the first step is to select a chemical treatment program that proves effective is managing all four issues.

Prevention is More Effective and Cheaper than Repair

Ultimately, investing on effective preventative measures right at the beginning will save you a lot of money on repairs and replacements later on, because your cooling system will eventually be plagued by these issues. Leaving these issues unchecked could result in unscheduled breakdowns and downtime, as well as unplanned repair costs that could be crippling for the facility and daily operations.

Cooling Tower Maintenance Service

All Kote Lining, Inc. is the one-stop solution for all your cooling tower maintenance, repair, and replacement needs in Phoenix Valley. Our team of experienced technicians will ensure your cooling system issues are identified and solved in a timely and effective manner, saving you considerable money on electrical expensesin the process.

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